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Business, Personal and Family Protection

When establishing a home, family or business, it is important to protect your interests in the event of serious illness, incapacity or death. We will work with you to identify the risks surrounding you, your family and your business.

Specialising in Financial Protection for your Family and your Business

corporate business protection
corporate financial protection

Business Protection:

Is your business is fully protected from the financial consequences of the untimely death of a fellow director?

If you or one of your fellow directors, key shareholders or key members of staff were to die, how would your business survive?

Not only would you lose a key member of the business, along with all their experience, skills, and business relationships, but you and your fellow directors could face the purchase of their share of the business from their next of kin. How have you prepared for such an event?

Business Protection cover provides for buying back the share of a business from the deceased’s estate. We can advise you on getting your business protected and help secure the financial future of your company and your family.

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Personal and Family Protection:

Park Worth Financial can work with you to advise you how to best safeguard your family’s future in the event of a death, a serious illness or a loss of Income. We will help you plan for those unplanned events helping you to protect your family, your income, your mortgages and other loans you may have.

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